Dr. Block literally has dentistry in his genes! His 4 uncles were all dentists and he worked years prior to dental school as well as during dental school beside them! He loves the field he has chosen and has set himself to be the best biologic dentist in the area. His warm and caring personality were a gift to him as he did research at the dental fears clinic at the University of Pittsburgh. He graduated from Pitt in 1984 ready to make a difference in his corner of the world. After performing a residency in Cook County Hospital located in Chicago he returned to his private practice in 1988.

Dr. Block loves people and he loves his biologic practice. He believes truly that the mouth is a gateway to overall systemic health and well being. He also believes in people.

The Supporting Staff with Dr. Block are just that! They are very supportive! All the members of The Block team feel the same way he does.

They all love people! Because of their training, their people skills and the accumulative years in dentistry (60 plus) they will make you feel at home because they feel at home having been with Dr. Block for years! You will enjoy traveling around our block of health. Our block will give you something to smile about in the 21st century.

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